Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Communicable Disease Nursing COVID-19

  • Corona virus Research – Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
  • Role of Public Health Nurses in Communicable Disease Control
  • Virology and others

Track 2

Oncology Nursing

  • Non- pharmacological approach in cancer management
  • Cancer survivors and home care
  • Viral Oncology and others

Track 3

Midwifery and womens health

  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Environmental Hazards in Womens Health
  • The Effects of Violence and Trauma on Womens Health and others

Track 4

Social research with Deaf people

  • The impact of cochlear implants on language and literacy
  • Research with Deaf People: Issues and Conflicts and others

Track 5

Advancing Nursing Research

  • Increased Visibility of Nursing Research.
  • Gap between research and practice
  • Shared Decision Making and others

Track 6

Nursing Leadership

  • Risk management
  • Embracing more frequent change and others

Track 7

Patient Education

  • Advocacy
  • High quality, daily physical education and others

Track 8

Occupational and Health Safety

  • Compassion fatigue
  • Occupational rehabilitation and others

Track 9

Health Care Systems

  • Wellness Movement
  • Managed care and others

Track 10

Evidence-Based Nursing

  • Emerging trends in EBN
  • Overcoming barriers in EBN and others

Track 11

The Changing role of Modern Nursing

  • Making the future different from the past
  • High Tech High Touch Approach and others

Track 12

Trauma and Critical Care

  • Lifestyle factors and cardiovascular risk
  • Complementary Preventive Strategies in reducing cardiovascular risk and others

Track 13

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

  • Effect of Discrimination in Mental Health
  • Parental affective disorders and others

Track 14

Medical Imaging

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Implementation issues in medical imaging and others

Track 15

Nursing Education

  • Online education programs in Nursing
  • Simulations in Nursing Education
  • Educational Quality Assurance and others

Track 16

Advanced Nursing Practice

  • Technological Advances in nursing education
  • Interactive learning methodologies in nursing.
  • Rise of Nurse navigators
  • Greater Men in Nursing
  • Value based holistic nursing care and others

Track 17

Nursing Examinations and Certifications

  • Practice based competency
  • From Continuing Education to Continuing Competence and others

Track 18

Nursing Law

  • Legal Awareness and Responsibilities of Nursing Staff
  • Challenges in Regulating Nursing Practice and others

Track 19

Nursing Informatics

  • Distance learning
  • Virtual reality and others

Track 20

Pediatric Nursing

  • Use of child and infant simulators in teaching
  • Management of pediatric emergencies and others

Track 21

Gerontological Nursing

  • Cognitive decline
  • Andropause, Menopause and beyond.
  • Self-Care of the Elderly and others

Track 22

Mental Health Nursing

  • Outcome in Psycho educational programs
  • Workforce and staff satisfaction.
  • Mental health legislation and others

Track 23

Palliative Care

  • End of life care  in Complex Chronic Conditions (CCCs)
  • Demystifying palliative care and others

Track 24

Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Mindful eating- nurturing your body
  • Healthy fast food and others

Track 25

Community Nursing

  • Evidence based practice in community health nursing
  • Telecare in community nursing and others

Track 26

Traditional Healing Practices

  • Challenges in integration of traditional Healing Practices in formal health-care system

Track 27

Anesthesia Nursing

  • Management of Common Patient Safety Risks in OR

Track 28

Nursing Pharmacology

  • Safe prescribing and administration of medicines
  • Preventable medication-related incidents and others

Track 29

Emergency and Ambulatory Care

  • Nursing Workforce Issues in Emergency Departments
  • Ambulatory Care: The Road to Improved Patient Outcomes and others

Track 30

Disaster Management

  • Global  disaster risk reduction 
  • Building and Rebuilding for Sustainability and others

Track 31

Medical Ethics

  • Rethinking medical ethics
  • Ethical Dilemmas for Doctors
  • Workplace Ethics and others

Track 32

Primary care nursing

  • Rise of the Nurse Navigators
  • Role and Care Coordination and others

Track 33

Veterinary nursing

Track 34

Patient Safety

Track 35

Public Health Nursing

Track 36

HealthCare Management