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1 Sherif W M Salib
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2 Elvessa Narvasa
"In The Nick of Time : Responsive Patient Care With Wearable Technology"
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3 Waqar Al Kubaisy
"What factors related to Severe Sleep Disorders Among the End Stage Renal Disease Patients? A study done at Al-Yarmook Dialysis Centre, Baghdad, Iraq"
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4 Fadi Sawaqed
"A National Survey of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Jordan (LUTS-JO)"
19 Download
5 Navin H Khan
"Effects of Physical Activity on Brain Energy Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease"
20 Download
6 Jim Mann
Clarifying the minefield of ever-changing nutrition advice
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7 Michelle Sugiyama
Mindful Eating
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8 Navin H Khan
"Effects of Creatine Supplementation in Creatine Deficiency Syndrome associated Neurodegenrative and Cancerous Diseases"
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9 David Kauffman
It’s not about me, It’s about YOU
25 Download
10 Michael S Fenster
"Ultra-Processing and Paradoxes: Food and Health Myths Explained?"
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11 Katandria Love Johnson
"US Pilot Curriculum for Transitioning Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders from High School to College and the Workforce"
28 Download
12 Richard H Kaszynski
Favipiravir: A new and emerging antiviral treatment for COVID-19
29 Download
13 Munir Abu-Helalah
Breast Cancer Prevention and Control: Policy Planning and Evidence Based Approach in the MENA Region
32 Download
14 Raghad S Amr
"Prevalence of left-right confusion among medical students in Mutah University, Al-Karak, Jordan"
33 Download
15 Emad Aborajooh
"Diabetic Foot Ulcer in Southern Jordan: A Cross-sectional Study of Clinical and Microbiological Aspects"
35 Download
16 Mahmoud Al Awaysheh
Type of Pharmacists and Work Related Stress
36 Download
17 Reham M Wahid
Cognition and obesity
38 Download
18 Anas O Satari
"Cytochrome 4Z1 Expression is Associated with Unfavorable Survival in Triple-Negative Breast Cancers"
39 Download
19 Mohammed Khader
Hereditary Gynecological Malignancy
41 Download
20 Amal albtoosh
"Variation in lip morphology with incisor relationship in two populations: Jordanian and Scots teenagers"
42 Download
21 Salam Massadeh
Development of Epirubicin-Loaded Biocompatible Polymer PLA– PEG–PLA Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, Stability, and In Vitro Anticancerous Assessment
43 Download
22 David Pastor-Escuredo
Surgescope and CareRT: Integrative Healthcare based on real-time Artificial Intelligence
45 Download
23 Sandro Nuno Ferreira de Serpa
Healthcare Management in a Digital Society
46 Download
24 Ji Yong Lee
Walk-Through screening system for COVID-19
47 Download
25 Nik Nairan Abdullah
Family Function And Non-Communicable Disease In An Urban Setting, Selangor, Malaysia
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26 MANTA P Otilia
The role and importance of women leaders in economics and health
49 Download
27 Erica Edfort
Stroke Education for APNs: How Can They Improve the Process?
50 Download
28 Afeefah Awaid AlDhafeeri
Comparative Behavior of Nursing Leaders & Business Leaders
51 Download
29 Muhammad Wasim Raad
An RFID based Activity of Daily Living for Elderly with Alzheimer’s
52 Download
30 Vineet Datta
Precision Oncology : Revisiting the Circulating Tumor Cell Clusters
53 Download
31 Susan J Kitching
Empathy is it a new buzz word for Healthcare styled communication?
54 Download
32 Jansirani Natarajan
Impact of chronic wounds on the health-related quality of Omani patients
55 Download
33 Veronica Dwarika
Trauma survivors’ experiences of Kundalini yoga in fostering posttraumatic growth
56 Download
34 Laila Jeebodh Desai
The implementation of trauma-sensitive mindfulness by an educational psychologist to address post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of war-traumatised refugees including children, parents, teachers and medical students
57 Download
35 Tahani Ali Salem Maharem
Effect of Acupressure versus Pursed Lip Breathing Techniques on Physiological Parameter and Dyspnea Grade among COPD Patient
59 Download
36 Muneera Al-Jelaify
The Individualized Management Approach for Acute Poisoning
60 Download
37 Yousef al-saraireh
Cytochrome 4Z1 as Selective Drug Target in Cancers: A milestone of Success
61 Download
38 Nedal Alnawaiseh
Exposure to cement dust as a cause of increased respiratory symptoms and impaired lung function among Rashadiyah cement plant workers in Tafilah, Jordan
62 Download
39 Gehan El-Gendy
Combination of low dose of Pioglitazone and omega-3 in a low dose and the effect on spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis in diabetic rats
64 Download
40 Eman M Albatayneh
Serologic Screening of Celiac Disease in Patients With Type1 Diabetes
66 Download
41 Waleed R Ezzat
The Effect of Breath-Holding on Cardiovascular Parameters, and Differences between Smokers and Non-Smokers
67 Download
42 Ashraf Zaghloul
Healthcare Utilization with Drug Acquisition and Expenses at the National Health Insurance Fund in Sudan
69 Download
43 Areen Alfalayleh
Development of Acute COVID-19 into Post-COVID-19 syndrome
70 Download
44 Baraa Abunimeh
A solution to the issue of high demand for the emergency department services during the Covid-19 pandemic, done by newly graduated students from the faculty of Medicine
72 Download
45 Hasan Mihyar
Psychobehavioural response of residents in AlNasr Camp during COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study
73 Download
46 Zidan Alsaleh
The psychological impact of sleep quality on health care workers during COVID-19 in Jorda
75 Download
47 Ahmad Saed
Public knowledge about COVID-19, Antibiotic resistance, and Attitude toward giving antibiotics to COVID-19 patients: a Jordanian cross-sectional study
76 Download
48 Jawad Alrawabdeh
Attitudes Towards COVID-19 Booster Vaccines, Vaccine Preferences, Child Immunization, and Recent Issues in Vaccination Among University Students in Jordan
77 Download
49 Vildana Sabra
What factors are related to practicing COVID-19 vaccine by population at Ghawr Al-Safi, Jordan
78 Download
50 Hosam Abu Soud
The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Groin Injuries among Adolescent Soccer Players In Jordan
80 Download
51 Sulieman Mazahreh
Ergonomic factors and its relation to musculoskeletal injuries among medical students during the lockdown of COVID-19
82 Download
52 Ahmad Al-Quran
Why Parents Not Seeking Health Care Services for Their Children with Otitis Media in Jordan
84 Download
53 Alaa AL-hasanat
Depending Upon “Evidence-Based World Health Organization 2018 Guidelines, “What The Evaluation was of Health Care Services During Childbirth in South of Jordan
86 Download
54 Anas Satari
Surgical approach could be a major factor in placenta Previa outcome
87 Download
55 Ahmed Al-Abadleh
Case series: Feasibility of extra peritoneal laparoscopic cervical cerclage
88 Download
56 Rand N Abuali
Prevalance of diabetes mellitus among medical students in mutah university, Al-Karak, Jordan
89 Download
57 Yanal S Al-Mahdy
Cytochrome 4Z1 Expression Is Correlated with Poor Prognosis in Patients with Cervical Cance
90 Download
58 Rashed Al-Qaisi
COVID-19 And Hospital Admission: What Are the Risk Factors?
92 Download
59 Ahmed Al-Abadleh
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Work-Related Stress among Employees at Arab Bridge Maritime, Jord
93 Download
60 Shahd Al Sarairah
Factors Related to Diabetic Retinopathy Patients’ Satisfaction toward services at Al-Karak Governmental Teaching Hospital
95 Download
61 Khalid Waleed Al-Sawalqa
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) Patients Satisfaction toward Health care services provided in relation to Socio-Demographic and DM status of the Patients, at South of Jordan
97 Download
62 Mohammad Abu-Jeyyab
Male breast cancer after 20 years of treated testicular cancer,a case report
99 Download
63 Julie FOwaidat
Post Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects among Medical Students at Mutah University, Al-Karak, Jordan
100 Download
64 Sadeen K Zein Eddin
The Effectiveness of Medication in Dealing with ADHD Children, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
102 Download
65 Juman Riyd Alsayaydeh
Knowledge and practice of analgesics use among Albaq’a refugees camp, Jordan. : A cross sectional study
104 Download
66 Ahmad Majid Alkhataybeh
Prevelance and factors related to Side effects of COVID-19 vaccination among Jordanian Universities Students
105 Download
67 Emad Aborajooh
Heterotopic Pancreas in the Gallbladder: Case Report and Literature Review
106 Download
68 Tamara Kufoof
Severe hypercalcemia in a patient with subcutaneous fat necrosis: presentation, management and complications
107 Download
69 Hana Taha
Workplace Violence Against Health Care Providers in Emergency Departments of Public Hospitals in Jordan: A Cross-sectional Study
108 Download
70 Abu Sayed Mohammad Latiful Hoque
Clinical Data Standardization by Developing an Interoperability Framework
109 Download
71 Amjad Tarawneh
“Zinc and Growth in Jordan pediatric with picky eating; An observational research”
111 Download
72 Melad Gad Paulis
Sex and stature prediction from handprint measurements in Jordanian population sample
112 Download
73 waleed ghanim thanoon
Influence of Anabolic Steroids on Male Fertility Among Healthy Gyms-goers in Mosul City
113 Download
74 Maysa Alhawamdeh
Interferon-? liposome: a new system to improve drug delivery in the treatment of lung cancer
114 Download
75 Lina Marki
Six month cellular and humoral immune responses after second shot mRNA vaccination or SarS Cov- 2 infection: a pilot study in Attica, Greece
115 Download
76 Chatzantonaki Kalliopi
Endorsement of high quality standards for the molecular detection of Sars Cov-2 in a Reference Laboratory in Athens, Greece
117 Download
77 Papavasileiou V
COVID- 19 second and third waves in Greece: experience of a molecular diagnosis reference laboratory
119 Download
78 Belal Almajali
Gene Expression Profiling and Protein Analysis Reveal Suppression of the C-Myc Oncogene and Inhibition JAK/STAT and PI3K/AKT/ mTOR Signaling by Thymoquinone in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells
121 Download
79 Mohammad Abu-Jeyyab
A Massive Gastric Trichobezoar in a young female, A Case report
122 Download
80 Mohammad Abu-Jeyyab
Idiopathic Eosinophilic Cholecystitis, a case report
123 Download
81 Mohammad Abu-Jeyyab
124 Download
82 Israa Al-Rawashdeh
Using Mendeley as your reference manager
126 Download