Yanal S Al-Mahdy

Yanal S Al-Mahdy

Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Mutah University, Jordan

Biography :

Yanal Al-mahdy is a 5th year MD student at Mutah University. Yanal has graduated from high school with an average of 94% and scored at 96th centile over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Yanal joined Mutah’s medical school in 2017 and during the last 5 years he participated heavily in voluntary and extracurricular activities. Yanal joined a student based voluntary group at his home university called Medicine and Surgery Committee (MSC-MU) which specializes at providing academic services for undergraduate student and he became its president in September / 2022. Yanal also believes that undergraduate students should contribute to medical research and thus he joined the research ethics committee in October / 2022. He also joined Dr. Yousef Al-saraireh’s last research project which investigated various CYPs and their potential role in the progression of cancers in selected organs. This project led to publication of 8 articles in peer-reviewed journals and he was an author in one of these articles. Yanal has a vision in becoming a medical doctor who contributes positively to both his community and the scientific research community, and this drives him to give his best every day.