Shahd Al Sarairah

Shahd Al Sarairah

Post graduate /Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Mutah University, Jordan

Biography :

I am an optometrist currently working at the Eye Clinic at KGH, and studying master’s of Public Health Management at Mutah University. I was raised in Dubai, U.A.E., participated in different national, regional, and global competitions in different fields- Literature, Geography, Science, etc. - and won many prizes. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Optometry from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2016. I have been enrolled in training programs at The Eye Departments in the Royal Medical Services and Al-Bashier Hospitals-The largest two healthcare institutions in Jordan-. I participated in a course for clinical optometrists supervised by the German Jordanian University. I have five years of experience in an optical center providing the primary eyecare for the local community at Al-Karak. Before starting my current job at KGH, I have an experience as a researcher, working with the ophthalmic staff and policymakers to enhance services provided for the DR patients.