Raghad S. Amr

Raghad S. Amr

Medical student, Mutah school of medicine, Mutah University, Jordan

Biography :

I am a third-year medical student at Mutah University, Jordan, and this paper marks my first experience in conducting a study. Nevertheless, the field of academics and research has been my passion for years, as I find great joy in investigating concepts and seeing them through the lens of research. I have Two- years of experience teaching medical lectures online and more than 6 years of experience as a presenter of various events, as well as 3 years of experience as an editor for magazines in university and high school. Academically, I ranked 3rd place in Jordan for Best across 7 Cambridge IGCSE qualifications in 2017, and had the highest GPA in the faculty of Medicine at Mutah University in 2019/2020. In the future, I hope on expanding my academic horizons by conducting research that positively impacts the world, and I wish to help more students throughout their journey by teaching.