Mrs Michelle Sugiyama

Mrs Michelle Sugiyama

Founder of Mindful Eating, Nationally board-certified health and wellness coach, USA

Biography :

Michelle Sugiyama is a mindful eating expert, the founder of Mindful Eating, a nationally board-certified health and wellness coach, and master certified health coach. As a two time 1 international bestselling author and international speaker, she has been the highlight at numerous employee wellness programs and other venues with captivating seminars, webinars, and culinary demonstrations. Michelle was named most inspirational health & wellness coach and excellence in wellness education by Global Health & Pharma in 2020. She also holds a culinary certification from Le Cordon Bleu and a master’s in organic chemistry from The Ohio State University. For over 18 years, Michelle has been bridging the gap between knowing you should be healthy and actually doing it. She is extremely passionate about engaging, inspiring, and empowering high achievers, leaders, and employees move toward their best self for optimum and sustainable productivity, health, and happiness.