Mahmoud Al Awaysheh

Mahmoud Al Awaysheh

Department of surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Al Karak teaching hospital, Mutah University, Jordan

Biography :

Dr Mahmoud Musa Hussein AL Awaysheh is a consultant in general and colorectal surgery.He is an assistant professor in Mutah University in the department of surgery, faculty of medicine. He has about 12 published manuscripts in famous international journals like Pubmed, scipus and Thomson Reuters regarding general surgery particularly colorectal surgery.He used to work in United Kingdom particularly in St James's Hospital which is famous in colorectal and anal surgery. Also, he worked in many hospitals in the Republic of Ireland, such as St Vincent's University hospital, St James and Adelaide and Meath hospital. He has done his research Systematic review & Meta-Analysis of Randomized Control Trials comparing Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy(SH) versus Trans anal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization (THD) for treatment of hemorrhoidal disease.