Juman Riyd Alsayaydeh

Juman Riyd Alsayaydeh

Third year Medical Student at Mutah University, Jordan

Biography :

I am a 3rd medical student at Mutah University, Jordan. My dream is to contribute and join pools of evidence-based studies in the field of public health at national and international levels. While In middle school, I established the first committee which talked about public health thenceforth, I started my way as a speaker and leader in a lot of events. In university, I worked with IFMSA jordan , Nahno organization, and extra. As a leader, Organizer, and volunteer on more than 20 national and local projects. I've been appointed as a vice president of internal affairs in IFMSA-MULC in October 2021. Now I supervise 12 local projects. furthermore, I was called the best speaker in Medical Debating League. I hope this conference will be my first step toward my dream where I can develop my academic and research skills.