Dr Katandria Love Johnson

Dr Katandria Love Johnson

Nationally certified speech-language pathologist, linguist, certified autism specialist,, USA

Biography :

Dr. KL Johnson, DrPH, MS, MA, CCC-SLP, CPH, CAS, CPCRT is a multi-lingual, nationally certified speech-language pathologist, linguist, certified autism specialist, certified public health researcher and certified in the therapy of vital stim and cognitive rehabilitation. A Fort Worth native, Dr. Johnson is passionate about educational and research pursuits lending her talents as an expert working with culturally and linguistically diverse children with an array of neurogenic communication disorders. As a full time healthcare specialist, Dr. Johnson is highly sought after with her expertise among multi-lingual and cultural pediatric populations with special health-care needs children. As a multi-state licensed and internationally certified healthcare provider, Dr. Johnson is a valuable asset working with multidisciplinary teams to provide cost-effective, evidence-based healthcare both locally and worldwide.