Anas O Satari

Anas O Satari

5th year Medical Student, Faculty of Medicine, Mutah University, Jordan

Biography :

I am a 5th year MD student who is enthusiastic about research and medical education. I have started pursuing research during the end of my 2nd year and participated in several research projects which have lead to 2 publications so far. During that period I have learned serveral research skills such as: academic writing, statistical analysis, tissue processing, immunohistochemistry and bacterial culturing. In addition to that, I have since the first day -at medical school- been keen at sharing medical knowledge with my coleagues and thus I have held lectures and wrote handouts that help students understand the various curricula (organic chemistry, physiology, pathology, etc...). Also, I have founded an open-access medical library that currenlty contains about 100 medical books that the most recent editions, are of students’ interest and compatiable with the faculty curriculum.