Louise Campbell

Louise Campbell

Founder and Medical Director of Tawazun Health, Hepatology Nurse of the Year 2018, UK

Biography :

Founder of Tawazun Health and Medical Director, Louise has over 36-years’ experience working in the Healthcare Industry in UK and elsewhere in the world, including Europe, Middle East and Australia. She was awarded the title Hepatology Nurse of the Year in 2018 by the British Journal of Nursing. A qualified nurse with a master’s degree in advanced Practice, Louise has a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry and designed and developed the largest Fibro Scan service in the NHS delivering world leading patient care and research. The award by the British Journal of Nursing in 2018 was in recognition of Louise’s contributions to liver nursing over many years, where her innovation and evidence-based practice has had a significant impact on patient care. In recent years Louise has become one of the world’s leading exponents of Fibro Scan technology for early intervention in the areas of liver related conditions, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, enabling individuals, physicians and healthcare professionals to make superior health and lifestyle choices. Louise has performed fibroscas for over 12 years so making her also one of the world’s leading clinical operators in this field. Louise is passionate about allowing individuals direct access to Fibro Scan technology to identify early warnings about their well-being through the non-invasive examination of their liver and to make the appropriate personal health and lifestyle choices. Strengths lie in Service Development, Healthcare Management, Healthcare, Clinical Research, Business Development, Education and Public Speaking.