Jackie Marshall-Cyrus FRSA

Jackie Marshall-Cyrus FRSA

Director of Jackie Marshall-Cyrus & Associates Ltd, Member, AAL Forum Committee, UK

Biography :

Jackie Marshall-Cyrus FRSA Jackie is Director at Jackie Marshall-Cyrus & Associates Ltd, a boutique consultancy providing ageing and independent living expertise. She works with international government bodies, agencies, corporates, SMEs, and entrepreneurs developing age-related innovative products, services, and systems. Jackie is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator with over 36 years’ experience. She holds a first-class Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Older Adults, and Masters’ Degree in Education. With over 10 years’ practice, management, and leadership experience in the NHS, Jackie assumed the role of Lead Specialist on the Assisted Living Innovation Platform at Innovate UK on 2008. There she led several high-profile international, national, collaborative, business-led innovation challenges. These included the £37.1m Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale in 2010-2013 and the £7.6m Long Term Care Revolution National SBRI Challenge in 2013-2015. Between 2009 – 2015 Jackie was the UK’s representative on the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme, and a member of both the Contents Working Group as well as the AAL Forum Committee. In September 2016 Jackie became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She has earned an international reputation as a visionary innovation strategist, a thought leader, a respected speaker, and age-related innovation expert. She continues to redefine healthcare and later life in the UK as an unrelenting and unapologetic challenger of the status quo, and by working with companies who want to do better and be better. Her research interests are sexuality and sexual health in later life. She is the proud grandmother of three and still finds time to pursue her passion for making soft furnishings.