Dr Neslyn Watson Druee

Dr Neslyn Watson Druee

Highly Decorated Executive Coach, Beacon Organizational Development, UK

Biography :

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE multi-award winning and highly decorated executive coach. Neslyn, renowned international speaker articulates the behaviours and characteristics of successful leaders. Her Unique Business System: The Leaders’ Code™ is used with corporate organisations to: change organisational culture, demonstrate courage, show commitment, develop creativity, challenge issues and care about people. Dr Neslyn has 3 separate honours from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11. She has authored: Fly High – Land Safe: Career Transition for Executives; Joyful Living: The Guide to Your Purpose & Passion; Beacon Leadership: From Impossible to Possible; Authentic Choice: Be You; The Book on High Flying Relationship Skills for Executives. Dr Neslyn has broad experience in business psychology and leading health service innovation in the UK. Her main speaking topics are Leadership including emotional intelligence, Living with Passion and Leaving a Legacy. Dr Neslyn has presented to the European Parliament, public and private sector organisations and various charities. She is focused on enabling the development of individual personal mastery including the expansion of leadership competencies within organisations. Dr Neslyn is highly rated as motivational speaker, executive coach, and leadership development consultant. She believes in enabling you to access your greater capacity to unleash your greatness and the power within you. Dr Neslyn guides you with smart interventions and strategies based on 25+ years Board experience, 21 years’ experience as a non-executive director within the NHS inclusive of 10 years as Chairman of NHS Kingston.